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Sports Massage Therapy utilises a variety of techniques to treat a wide range of musculo–skeletal problems. It can also help to prevent the onset of an injury, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation and well being. You do not have to be active in a sport to benefit from Sports Massage Therapy - almost anyone can benefit. 

Pregnancy is a unique state for the body experiencing anatomical and physiological changes. Pregnancy massage can alleviate common ailments during pregnancy such as pelvic, low back pain, headaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, oedema or swelling and nerve compression. It is a deeply relaxing massage beneficial not just for pregnancy.

Deep tissue massage uses similar techniques to sports massage therapy. Firm pressure is used to manipulate the layers of muscle and connective tissue to promote relaxation of mind and body whilst reducing both chronic pain and pain caused by repetitive strains experienced in every day life.  ​This type of massage is good for 'body maintenance' and is beneficial for all.

Are your energy levels low, are you feeling sluggish, struggling to lose that belly fat or want to achieve a PB in your sport? Nutrition advice can really help you understand your body's needs and reach your goals in a sustainable way that fits with your lifestyle.

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If you have come to see us because of an incident that has involved an insurance claim, we are obliged to share any relevant information with the insurance company. As we will only instigate these referrals at your request, this will imply that we have your permission to share the relevant data with the person / company that you have asked us to contact. 
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Mandy and Kim work independently and are responsible for their own clients only.